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Flame of Liberty

Flame of Liberty


Product Description

The Pillar of Shame was a sculpture in Hong Kong commemorating the Tiananmen Massacre. This statue was forcibly removed in December 2021, following pressure from the Chinese government.

The world needs to remember the peaceful demonstrators who were killed for expressing their wishes for political participation. Flame of Liberty is a reinterpretation of the Pillar of Shame, that intents to continue serving the same purpose. It is displayed in Augmented Reality on the OVRLand “wire.ams.accompanying”, in the University of Hong Kong, for all to see.

Visit it in Augmented Reality:

恥辱柱是香港紀念天安門大屠殺的雕塑。在中國政府的壓力下,這座雕像於 2021 年 12 月被強行拆除。

世界需要記住那些因表達政治參與願望而被殺害的和平示威者。自由之火是對恥辱之柱的重新詮釋,旨在繼續服務於相同的目的。 它在香港大學的 OVRLand “wire.ams.accompanying” 上以增強現實形式展示,供所有人觀看。