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Nike Hyper Court BGC Taguig

Nike Hyper Court BGC Taguig


Product Description

Nike Hyper Court (Lebron James, Maya Moore)

Building: Titan Love Court Basketball Courts

Location: Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Phillipines


# Owned Hexes: 7 (7 covers both basketball courts)

More Information:  Nike Hyper Court

This location is for historical significance only.  As of 2019, NIke Hyper Court in BGC was agreed to be removed to make way for new construction.  This is a shame as these courts provided a getaway and place of inspiration for kids of BGC/Taguig, Phillipines.  This is to remember what Nike, Google, the NBA, and the people of BGC did for their city and country…and to teach people of the legacy of this famous Court.  Numerous celebrities visit the Phillipines each year to see the inspirational artwork that the country provides across various court canvases.  Those involved in the artwork and this legacy are true inspirations.  You can also find more details about another Hyper Court, the Ususan Covered Court, as well as the Taguig Tenement Famous Court and Sandit East Covered Court.